Starry Strings of Light,  the Fanciest Decoration item of the Year

Day and Night…

Decorative Strings of Lights

Tiny Micro LED Lights

Strings of Light…


Mini Oriental LED string lights

Enhance your home, cafe, restaurant or hotel with starry micro LED lights, on strings of copper wire, all year around!

The Starry Star String Lights will change your surrounding world, will tune up your spirit, and will create a romantic, elegant atmosphere wherever they are placed. They emit a festive happiness.

“They are absolutely the most beautiful lights ever created.”

They are not like the gloomy, old, incandescent lights on a wire, wrapped on an awful plastic that would ruin the nostalgic aura all the room where they are placed, even on the tree on Christmas day! These are LED lights (light emitting diode), extremely bright, and all the while, extremely cozy and warm.

.They look like a luxurious jewel perched upon your decoration, diamonds surrounding your seat, adorning even your own personal appearance, enhancing your beauty, especially the color of your eyes and cheeks.

.You can use this starry starry lights as hanging lights in your bedroom, dining room, living room. Just as you thought that old vase in the salon was losing its enchantment, just wait until you see it in the glow of Starry String Lights.

They can transform your teenager’s girl’s bedroom in a fairy garden full of fantasy. You can go wherever your imagination takes you.
Imagine a party in your garden with these lights surrounding the branches of the trees; it can be the most elegant party of your neighborhood. Don’t delay, buy today and enjoy every second that they are twinkling around you. You will twinkle too just like them.

The Starry Lights are the new craze that the fanciest cafes and restaurants of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and most beautiful cities of the world are using in their trendy decorations.

LED lights are the most energy efficient lights available in the market. The initial investment pays for itself, as they save a 75% of energy and last 25 times longer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

*Read Why the Starry Lights’ Micro LEDs save Energy

PLANNING TO SET THE LIGHTS OUTDOORS? - If you are setting up a large scene with these or any other lights, you should always consult a professional electrician, as there are a lot of logistics involved and even small mistakes can mean large disastersRead Safety Guide...

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Qualizzi Silver Mini Sets

  The Qualizzi Silver Mini Sets are beeing launched on Amazon right now!

Blue Led Battery Lights

Qualizzi Mini Set Silver Blue.


Qualizzi Silver Cool White Micro Leds



These are incredibly awesome Starry Mini-Lights. First, let’s go over the details about them. There are 20 lights, and it’s possibly 7 feet long on a silver wire string. The color is a warm white. It’s powered by three AAA batteries, and they are incredibly pretty and bright. Here, you see the battery pack that operates it. I was lucky enough to get these from a friend as a gift after I had saw her decorate her bookshelf with them … (read more)

Like Cole Porter’s song, “Night and Day”“When the jungle shadows fall…”

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