This review is from: Starry String Lights Qualizzi® / 120 Warm White LED’s on 20 ft Copper Wire + FREE eBook + 110/220V Pw. Adaptor (Kitchen)

Okay, I know you don’t want this to drag on, you didn’t come here for a peer-reviewed educational article. You’re here for the goods. So here goes:

There once was a girl named E. Gat
Who barely had light where she sat
’twas dark and depressing,
E. Gat was a-stressing,
And thought “what could I do with that?”

One day she saw, right there, highly rated,
“Qualizzi Star Lights”; oh, she was elated!
She read the reviews,
The was nothing to lose!
She purchased the lights and just waited

Before the package even arrived at her abode,
Qualizzi sent her an email that showed,
All the things she could do,
With the lights, to renew
The drab looks of her crap commode

When the lights first came at her door,
She thought, “oh, THIS is what I’ve been waiting for?”
It looked so, so thin
Then she plugged the lights in
And wow, her bedroom was lit.. Like never before!

The thin copper wire is actually great,
It lets the actual lights dominate!
You can only see lights,
Especially at night!
I swear, it almost looks magical and lightweight 🙂

She realized right then and there
That not only would she tell, recommend, and share
She’ll also buy her some more,
Some “fairy light” décor
Would finally give her apartment some flair

These lights are crazy easy to use
However way, and whenever you so choose.
They wrap around anything
With that copper wire string
But I’ll bet my dog that’s not news

Look, these lights won’t ruin your life
And they (probably) won’t find you a wife
So quit overthinking it,
Trust me, even I would admit
These lights made me blah blah blah knife!

I’m all out of rhymes, you see
But I think we could all agree
These lights are pretty damn neat
And they light up my suite
So I hereby pronounce: Whoopee!”

Thanks Emma, you are the best!


1 – You can read a review on our 20 ft Copper Wire LED Lights product, by Dr. Bojan Tunguz, one of the Top 50 in the Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewers that has examined a sample of our product and has published a 5 star review that we honor and are very proud of. You can read it at the following link >

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2 – Name : Kristen M

Comment : I bought a string on a lark, and liked them so much I got 2 more
for my college age daughters (and made note of that in a positive Amazon
review) and just ordered three more sets as high school graduation
presents — these are just the sort of really cool dorm room addition that
is personal and unique and reasonably priced….

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Rating:   5.0
Title:   very bright, just what I needed
Author:   bostons
Content:   I love that these are battery operated, and am surprised at how bright they are, I love it. Not sure how long the battery lasts just yet but I use the rechargeable ones anyways.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Awesome cute lights
Author:   rpv
Content:   The unit is very compact. The strings are very much bendable, and you can put in any form by slowly stretching, and aligning with borders. Needs 3 batteries and no power. Lightweight and has very good value!Lights are bright and nicet! Overall excellent for decorating during holidays or all season around. I was provided this product in exchange of a fair and honest review.

Rating:   5.0
Author:   JB Lockhart
Content:   Just got mine a few days ago. I put them in a clear vase, in a dark corner of the living room, and VOILA! Mood setting spot of brightness. Love them!

Rating:   4.0
Title:   Beautiful lights
Author:   Robynn
Content:   These are really pretty; very delicate and almost like jewelry. The wire is completely flexible. I haven’t had them that long, so can’t really say how durable they are.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Beautiful and battery powered!
Author:   Dr. Oceanfront “Oceanfront”
Content:   I love the idea that these tiny lights do not need any electrical outlet, and they run off battery power.We have a couple trees in the house we like to run lights around, for atmosphere in the evenings. The problem is, the trees then, had to be near an outlet, not allowing up to design our room as we would like to.
Now, with the Starry Lights mini, we can put our plants anywhere.Also, since these run by battery power, we have a lot of new ideas where to put them, once we feel confident they will last.These really look amazing and I am very happy with the product.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   These Are Great!
Author:   Teresa Stevens
Content:   My grand daughter wanted a princess party so I was trying to find a way to bring some sparkle to the party table. These were
really easy and convenient to use.I put them around the table and they were a big hit,she loved it!

Rating:   4.0
Title:   Light The Night
Author:   CanHave
Content:   Light The Night with these amazing little light’s! Great for many uses. Just found one, to hang around my entry door light switch(where there is alway’s two switch’s side by side.1)out door light (2) hallway light. I hate reaching in the dark trying to find my switch’s, now I can see the. Great communication included. Great warranty, Great turn around. And the silver wiring glow’s from the reflection of the light’s. Handy for holiday’s too.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   perfect for put value on picture farm
Author:   Mymy
Content:   easy to instal need battery on it and is ready.
goof product strong light.
very fun to have.
definitively great around the picture farm.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Looks amazing
Author:   cartero
Content:   I wrapped these around a glass vase that I filled with roses for valentines day… Huge success!!! The lights are very bright.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   So I bought 5 sets of the larger Starry Lights…
Author:   Kristen M
Content:   And didn’t pay much attention to what makes this particular string different – batteries! I have to confess my first thought was “you could do some incredible Halloween costuming with these lights!” But I love that these aren’t tethered to an outlet, so they are the do-anything-go-anywhere-starry-sky’s-the-limits version of these delightfully delicate yet powerful lighting strings. Thanks, Qualizzi Products! Glad I stumbled on these when looking for traditional string lights.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Lights are a delight!
Author:   brad hilton
Content:   This tiny micro LEDs make my nights much happier. I turn them on at sunset, and the rest of the evening turns into a romantic one. These lights are a delight.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Bright
Author:   Judy N
Content:   This nifty little set of mini light are bright for being so small. They look good on a small plant to light it up and make it look ultra fancy. If you have a tiny Christmas tree, these lights would be good to give it some lights. These lights are great, cause they don’t use any electricity by being battery operated. Feeling romantic? This small string of lights would look great hung over the headboard of your bed. I’ll be using these lights for a long time to come. You can own them too, just think of the possibilities!

Rating:   5.0
Title:   how fun and pretty.
Author:   becp “becp”
Content:   I love these little lights. I am the hit of the camping trip when I set up the kids tent with these lights…we use them everywhere. soft, pretty, calming and very convenient. They haven’t let me down. Good durability, good customer service, fast shipping.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Love them!
Author:   sara gillman
Content:   Absolutely love these!! I put them in a wine bottle as a decoration. They glow beautifully and are super easy to handle! No tangles or cord to plug in!

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Great and have lovely customer service too fast delivery
Author:   Jennifer
Content:   Boy I have to say you’ll just get better and better Qualizzi so everyone understands about these Starry Lights Mini: 20 Micro LEDs Warm White Color on Ultra-thin Silver Wire (7Ft) – Starry String Lights Battery Operated + On/Off switch needs 3 AA batteries which are not included did come with directions These sealed LEDs are nice and bright and the thin copper wire allows them to be molded around objects, such as a small plant easily. Are your body just to be creative these lights work great for table top or shelf decorations where you can’t use a corded plug in. And can be used for Crafts and Patio Lights. Beautiful Fairy Lights Night & Day. Party Lights for Any Celebration. Romantic Glow for Weddings or ladies wrap around your leg to romance the moment and children’s room too Starry String Lights are the Fanciest Decorative item you can be very creative and use them in baskets of fruits -greenery- florals – any thing . I received this product free for my honest review. This is my opinion after receiving and testing this product.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Beautiful Glow!
Author:   Elizabeth Peltola
Content:   These battery operated fairy lights are gorgeous! They have many creative applications. Since their battery operated they can go any where.

Rating:   4.0
Title:   Better than the image gives credit for
Author:   Dolores
Content:   I used these as a back light for a painting and they work beautifully. The wiring and the actual bulb are much more delicate than the picture gives credit for. Over all very satisfied with the lights.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Best mini-LEDs ever!
Author:   Megan Taylor
Content:   After leaving my previous review of the 20ft Qualizzi Starry Lights, the seller contacted me about leaving a gift review for this smaller pair. A free pair of the best LEDs I’ve ever owned just to tell more people how great this product is? Yes, please!To be honest, I was a little nervous agreeing to this… Maybe the lights wouldn’t be as bright as the first pair, or if they were, they may eat batteries as quickly as I can put them in. I was shocked when I pulled them out of the box, though! This pair was on an elegant silver wire, and (after putting in some batteries, which are not included) shone just as brightly as the first pair! The batteries last a LONG time, too. I’ve had them on all day to test them (around 15 hours), and there’s no sign of fading yet.If you need elegant, romantic, or simply beautiful decorative lighting, pick up a pair of these. You will NOT be disappointed!

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Wonderfully Soft Glow Mini-Lights Set!
Author:   L. Collins
Content:   Over the Christmas holiday I purchase a few sets of these mini-lights sets for a holiday party I had planned where I wanted to go all out decorations-wise and these little beauties made it possible in a wonderful way. They have a charming soft glow to them that works well in lighting up other décor, they are very easy to arrange so that the lights do exactly what you want them to do and the portability of the attached battery pack really allowed me to use these mini-lights in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to do with my other light sets. They stay bright and shiny for a long time, making it easy to rely on them to light up your home in beautiful ways.Now that the holidays are over I have a bunch of ideas on how to use them in everyday décor or as regular house lighting in areas that lack outlets or built in lighting. Overall, I’m really pleased with the mini-light sets I bought and am actually considering buying a few more to incorporate them in a variety of lighting schemes I have planned. I would definitely recommend them to others and have actually den so with a few friends who complemented them during my Christmas party.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   I like how verstile the mini lights are
Author:   Kelly

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Beautiful
Author:   Luvs2Read
Content:   These lights are so beautiful. They have a soft glow. And are still bright enough to see in the dark. I put them in my hallway as I have no light there and they work great. Even used them during a power outage, so glad they are battery operated. I will be ordering more of them. I have a lot of great ideas for them. They would great in the bedroom, and even the bathroom for a quick nightlight. They are very easy to work with and do not take a lot of time placing them where you want them. They would be perfect for almost anywhere and for any occasion. I love that they are waterproof and durable. I have already told some friends about them who are planning their wedding. They are definitely functional and give off a soft romantic warm glow. Let your imagination go wild. I highly recommend these lights to everyone. You won’t be disappointed

Rating:   5.0
Title:   High Quailty
Author:   M. Harbin “Cram34”
Content:   This is my third purchase of these starry lights. Had to go through a few others that had some quality issues before I found these. Well made and look great.Perfect for any occasion. They look classy and professional. I have used these outside in rain with no problem. Will be buying more from Qualizzi Star Lights. Very happy and thanks!
15:01 JANUARY 29, 2014

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Awesome
Author:   David
Content:   I just want to share my experience of using Starry Lights Mini and I found them wonderful. These lights were gifted to me by my friend and these are awesome. I can hang them in my bedroom to make it look good. Moreover, these lights can be used on various events like birthday, new year, Christmas etc. I really love them. The silver wire with these tiny lights looks very beautiful as when the lights glow, the silver wire doesn’t appear easily and if it becomes visible it looks nice. The light of the tiny leds are bright and white. The lights doesn’t irritate anyone but gives a soothing effect with a cozy look. The rate of the Starry lights is very nominal and one can get them easily. I recommend them to everyone.Cheers

Rating:   5.0
Title:   Works like a charm!
Author:   Jerry
Content:   I’m really glad I found these miniature jewels. I use the wire in my garden to brighten things up. The warm lights glow nicely, even in the snow, and its a very soft white, reminds me and my wife of Christmas all year round.

Rating:   5.0
Title:   love them!
Author:   Doraine Glidden
Content:   Love these perfect little lights. You can use them just about anywhere! !I highly recommend them . They are perfect.”


Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Qualizzi Starry Lights 40 Feet Xx-Long / 240 Leds with Remote Control Dimmer. Warm White Lights on Copper Wire String. Fading Fairy Effects. White
WOW WOW WOW After 4 years in lighting and landscape design, I finally found what I’ve been looking for! The best feature without question is how beautifully bright they are- unlike all other string lights, these actually LIGHT the area around them- just one set lit fully (with perfect ambient warm light) an 11′ wide 20′ long totally dark side yard! They wrap easily around anything- endless opportunities, and the power cord is also the perfect length- very long uncolored and totally invisible, so that what you want lit and where you need to plug it in can be fully separate, so that trailing lit end to the cord is no longer an unsightly nuisance. I literally can’t say enough good things- even the packaging was gorgeous! I will be buying these and only these for any indoor or outdoor lighting projects forever!!!