QUALIZZI SILVER- The Unique Starry Lights Mini Sets:

 20 Micro LED Lights Battery Powered, True Warm White Color,

on Ultra-thin Silver Wire Strings (7 Ft) + On/Off Switch.


Warm White at the left and Cold White at the right

Newest Generation of Leds Are Waterproof for Indoors and Outdoors Decorations.

Indicated for Girls and Boys Bedrooms, Crafts, Patio and Gardens.

Good for Valentine’s or Gifts. Night Lights & Fairy Lights for Baby.

Inevitable on Every Celebration and Seasonal Events. Hanging Lights to Embellish Curtains, Ceilings, You Name It. Fanciest Item of the Year. (No Hassle Guarantee By Qualizzi)

We have sets of string lights in different materials, copper and silver.

Our sets of starry lights made of copper wire coated in silver, come in to different ways; they can be electrically powered or battery powered.

The Battery powered ones are smaller in size that the ones with power adaptor, as the batteries would not last for the bigger sets. So our battery sets are usually silver wire 7 feet long, and carry 20 micro LED Lights.

LED lights can be of many different colors, warm white, cold white, blue, red, pink, violet, etc.

It is our pleasure to announce that we just manufatured warm white mini sets to be sold on Amazon at the beginning of february 2014.

QUALIZZI STAR LIGTHS MINI SET: Specifications, Instructions and WarningsQualizzi Silver Mini Sets



Ultra bright rich bulb color, low temperature energy saving, high safety. Apply for Christmas, parties, wedding, bedroom, garden, decoration. Suitable for crafts, clothing, electronic toys and gifts.
• Name: Silver Wire Miniature LED String Lights
• LED Color: Warm White
• Number of Bulbs: 20
• Wire Color: Silver Color
• Wire Material: Copper Wire Silver Coated
• Wire Diameter: 4 mm. (0.15″)
• Wire Length: 2 meters (6.56 ft)
• Bulb Distance: 10 cm. (3.93″)
• Luminosity: 360° sparkle (Different from traditional 90° -180° sparkle)
• Power Source: 4.5V -3 x AA batteries- (not included).
• Environmentally friendly materials used.
• IP: IP-65
• Waterproof for water drops but can’t be directly submersed into water for a long time.
• On / Off power switch
• Wire Feature: Ultra-thin soft wire hard to break, easily bended, suitable for any shape design.
• When used with new batteries they last for over 48 hours if not turned off

Accessories / Instructions: Clear Plastic battery holder (1 piece) with On/Off switch. Batteries not included.
To open battery holder:
1. Press to slide the top to one side. (Please see photo on Amazon product listing, or at www.qualizzi.com)
2. Turn on black switch. Turn off when not in use.
3. Remove batteries when you plan not to use the set for some time.

On / Off Switch

Open battery holder Qualizzi Star Lights Mini Set

1. The LED String IP-65, is dustproof & waterproof. Can be used in drizzle, but it can’t be soaked in the water unless the led string light go on a transparent tube.
2. Please keep away from any application that could damage the lacquer varnish on the silver.
3. Handle with care.



1 – Vintage accent with Starry Lights:

Today is the newest trend. We are starting to forget the minimalist styles of the past years, in home decoration. Now a more homy, cozy, country american touch is what is more popular. The Qualizzi Silver Mini Sets, and specially the warm white tiny Leds are ideal for these types of decorative arrangements. See below the vintage boheme look for a bedroom or even a cafe or a bar:

Micro Leds on Silver Wire for a Vintage Accent

And here below you can see how you can save old stuff from your home, like old vintage metal boxes, as in the example below, and change them into beautiful decoration objects. For this arrangement you don't need a very large string of starry lights. Our battery operated starry lights mini sets, are perfect for this. You can hide the batteries holder inside the box.

starry lights battery operated on vintage box

2 – The String Lights are extremely popular among bikers:

These are the instructions on how to setup de battery powered string lights on the bicycle:

With the lights they are seen from everywhere without impeding normal vision from drivers,  thus beeing much safer with the lights.

3 – Video Testimonial about the Battery Powered Starry String Lights

These are incredibly awesome Starry Mini-Lights. First, let’s go over the details about them. There are 20 lights, and it’s possibly 7 feet long on a silver wire string. The color is a warm white. It’s powered by three AAA batteries, and they are incredibly pretty and bright. Here, you see the battery pack that operates it.

I was lucky enough to get these from a friend as a gift after I had saw her decorate her bookshelf with them. I mentioned how pretty they were and she gave me a couple of strings for my birthday. I put them on my patio and they were absolutely beautiful. They light up the patio at night, and give it a nice, warm feeling – it’s almost like really bright stars.

My daughter saw them and she now has a set to decorate around her mirror. My son actually wanted a set, too, so I got one for him and he uses them on his bicycle wheel, so now his bicycle wheel lights up while he’s riding around the neighborhood and he thinks that’s super cool. But these lights are so versatile!

There are so many ways to use them, and if you actually look for starry lights on Amazon, people go on and on about the different ways that these lights can be used. So if you need to add some lighting to, a room, any piece of decoration, or pretty much anything, you should check out these lights. They are awesome! The battery life is incredible and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

 4 – Another Review about the Micro LED Lights

“My favorite thing about these lights is that they are portable so you don’t need a light socket to have them lit, only batteries. I ride my fixie bike almost everywhere and on the weekends at night I have a group I ride with downtown. I like to stand out and have cool accessories on my bike. I’ve been using glow sticks to light the tires which aren’t nearly as bright or last long, so when I saw these Qualizzi Silver LED Mini Sets I knew these were just what I was looking for. People are mesmerized by bike now :p. You really can use them for anything though. Just get creative with them. I just purchased two more sets, one for my boyfriends bike and one for my bedroom to line under around my platform bed. What I love must abut them is that they are easy to bend so the possibilities of what to wrap these lights around are endless.”


The Micro LED Lights are Available for purchase at Amazon.com now.

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