Starry String Lights:

120 Warm White Micro LEDs

Ultra Bright on Ultra-Thin (0.16″Ø) Copper Wire 20ft long.

Decorative Micro LEDs for Christmas Trees, Bedrooms, Gardens, Patio, Weddings.

Luminosity 360º Sparkle –  For Fancy Cafes, Restaurants & Hotels


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• New item: Starry String Lights with 120 LED Bulbs (instead of 100 only). Between the each LED there is a space of 2” (5 cm) which is a shorter distance than other lights in the market. The large amount of LED lights and their rich color bulbs, enhance the brilliance of the copper wire string unit. These decorative novelty lights are suitable for bedrooms, gardens, patios, and parties, as well as decoration for cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, casinos and homes throughout the whole year. They light up the room with an atmosphere of romance, and as they glow so brightly, they can be seen during daylight with no problem.

• These LED Christmas lights are composed of Ultra Bright White Warm Color Micro LEDs that don’t overheat. After hours of use, they are completely safe to touch without risk of burns. They are safe for children over three years and for pets. It’s the perfect decoration for girls’ and teenagers’ rooms. The ambience that they emit is relaxing. Luminosity: 360° sparkle (as opposed to the traditional 90°-180° sparkle.)

• These warm white LED lights string, along 20 ft of ultra-thin copper wire, (4 mm in diameter) are copper color. The copper wire has a lacquer coating that makes the whole strand of lights water resistant, though is preferable not to soak them in water. The copper wire lights can stay outdoors on a rainy day, provided that the power adapter is protected with a plastic cover. The LED String IP-65 is impervious to dust. These starry lights on copper wire do not break easily, and its extended length in relation to standard mini led string lights facilitates the ease of wrapping around a Christmas tree. Its flexible wire is easy to shape and adapt to any object or support in any position.

Handle with care! Even though the starry star lights are built strongly with top manufacture, they can still be broken by stepping on the LED bulbs or stretching out the copper wire. They are apt for both indoor and outdoor settings. These hanging lights are suitable for wedding decorations, and it will satisfy all of the light needs for the event, as its luminosity is enough for the entire room! This saves you money, and leaves your guests awestruck with the trendy decorations at your event or in your home.

• IP-65. AC/DC Power Adapter 110-240V for use in U.S.A. Output 5V1A. Made with environmentally-friendly materials. Meets CE&ROHS certification. Portable, can be used in Europe, plug and all. With a 20,000 hour lifespan, they can stay lighted for as long as needed. Comes with complete guarantee! Return if broken, and we will replace it with a completely new string of lights. Avoid connecting the power with wet hands. While the adaptor is working, avoid water drops. Low energy power consumption.


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