Q – How much electricity will the starry string lights use up? I purchased some and want to keep them on continuously as a night light.

A – The 20 feet copper wire with 120 LED’s power consumption is 0.0015 Watt/Hour.

Q- could one power adapter your including power more than one stand? (I believe your including one which outputs 5V – 1A).

A- No, it would overheat the actual power adaptor. For more strands you would need a bigger and more powerful adaptor.

Q- could you sell me the needed products with a single power supply which will power 5-7 stands ?

A – No, we don’t supply accessories, sorry about that

Q- would it be possible to directly connect each LED string of lights to our existing low voltage lighting. It operates at 12V.

A – It could be done by a professional electrician, but we decline any responsability on the issues that may arise or if the unit does not work properly afterwords.

Q- can you provide us with a custom length?

A – Yes, but it takes around 1 month time for delivery. Maximum length advisable on 1 string is up to 78 feet and it carries a huge adaptor, not waterproof. Cost could be around 150$ . I attach photo of a “monster” unit with 480 bulbs. For these units we don’t include a guarantee, nor refund if they go wrong, as they are bit going to the limit. So it would be at your own risk. It is something I dont like to sell. We can do it, but makes me feel uncorfotable because it is out of rule and I cannot guarantee them.

custom-made-starry-string-lights-480Led-bulbsx400 custom-starry-lights-78feet-long-x400 customized-qualizzi-copper-wire-string-480LEDbulbs-with-big-adaptorx400








Q-  If not – what is the max length?.

A – The the maximum length of our standard starry lights are the ones with 480 bulbs and 80 feet long sold on Amazon.

Q- Hi I am really impressed with the lights but I notice that they have several pieces of plastic along the copper wire. Are they covering splices in the wire? It making me think that these lights were repaired vice new. Are the copper splices or have they been repaired under the plastic? 

A- 1 – The units you received are totally new. The plastic pieces in between them are part of the construction of the string. I am not an engineer, so I cannot give you the exact reply of what they are. I will ask to the factory and try to get an answer for you. They are the same in all the units, and across all the brands that you will find in the market.We never sell as new a unit that has even been touched by another customer. And any “fixing” would be, for us, much more expensive than just producing new units… -if they can be fixed when broken, which I think that they cannot be fixed (again I am not an engineer, here)-.Sometimes we have returns from a customer that just opened the box and returned the item, because changed their mind, and then we sell them as used at a lower price. So your item, I assure you is “virgin”.

Anyway, if there is any reason for you to not beeing totally satisfied with our produt, you can return it and get a refund by calling to Amazon Support.

A- 2- Here you go, this is the answer from engineers in factory:
There is some clear tubes used on the copper wire string units that are 20 feet long with 120 LEDs, because the tooling is for 60 LED’s.  We use two splices, 2 copper wires together, the clear tube is used for protecting both of them from separating.
Q – My wife recently purchased the copper wire LED lights and has them draping
over my daughters canopy bed. She wants to hang a canopy drape over top…
Obviously some of the lights would be touching the fabric, is this a safety
A- Dear Kevin, The LED light is a cold light, therefore it can touch fabrics without danger. Just keep the electrical part, the connector, the electrical cord and power plug away from reach of fabrics.
That said, it depends on the age of the child. If it is under 7, or will not  follow your instructions, I would not make them available to their reach, as they can pull them, or bite on them or swallow them as there are very small parts, or while sleeping could get strangled by the wire if they turn around on top of it….
So you have to judge how safe it is to leave the starry lights too close to your child. Just be careful.
Q – Are the starry string lights lead-free?
A- Yes, the led string lights are 100% lead-free.
For led string lights, the materials inluded are glue, solder paste, 0603 led bulbs and copper wire.
All the materials are eco-friendly.